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RYH is not a diet but a lifestyle change. Just tell us your food preferences and any health issues, and you’ll get lifetime access to 4 weeks of recipes tailored to your nutritional needs to set you on the right track.

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Developed by Catherine Rogers, best selling author of  ‘Gut Well Soon’ with help from: 

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What our customers say about RYH

Rupert Jackson

Rupert Jackson

Reset Your Health is like no other service out there. It caters to such a wide variety of conditions as well as being suitable for those who just want to improve their overall health, all the while with easy and delicious recipes! 5 stars from me.


Xueer Zhou

Reset Your Health offered me with customised recipes that are created by fitness and health experts based on extensive scientific research. The recipes are variant and come with a shopping list to make the preparation much easier. This is very helpful for a busy schedule and I can already feel the positive effects the improved diet has on me both physically and mentally!

Sophie Hubbard

Sophie Hubbard

Reset Your Health is a great way to have a long-term impact on your mental and physical health. The simple-to-follow dietary interventions are delicious and make taking care of your health easy and convenient.


Dr Mariette Grant

I would definitely recommend this course to patients because I cannot spend the time educating patients (and I probably do not have enough knowledge on the topic). It is valuable to have a resource like RYH to signpost patients to. All my patients need this, it is a plan for both well and unwell patients.


Regina Ko-Mabon

So, I thought everything looks healthy so why not try it. It’s only for 4 weeks of my life, but amazingly I felt completely different physically and mentally afterwards.


Dr Helen MacMullen

Invaluable resource to help patients with a wide range of conditions it helps them keep their blood sugar level, avoid inflammatory foods and promote a well-functioning immune system. The information provided really helps with compliance as the users get the low down on which foods help their gut microbiome as they are preparing it! Brilliant.


Katie Child

I was impressed by the range of recipes on the RYH plan and how it could easily be adapted for so many diverse dietary needs. As someone who has suffered from migraines for a long time, it was great to see how making a few dietary changes can have a hugely positive impact in this area.


Judi Dryjas

I tried the RYH, originally to help with my migraines which I have lived with for many years. On completing the plan, I felt better than I had in many years – I just assumed that was how you started to feel when you passed 50!

Catherine does say that it can change your taste for foods too, in my case this was true.  I really wouldn’t want to eat a doughnut now, however, I still miss that half a teaspoon of sugar in my tea!!

Sasha Harden

Sasha Harden

RYH has shown me an entirely new way of looking at food! It’s an amazing course which exemplifies a mindful approach to eating and can be tailored exactly towards your requirements. All in all I’d recommend RYH for anyone who wants to make positive steps towards improving their physical and mental health.


Amy Kao

We could all do with paying a bit more attention to our health and Reset Your Health gives you a really easy way to do just that. I had previously enjoyed Catherine’s book, Gut Well Soon and am delighted that RYH helps you put all those learnings into practice.

Tailoring recipes to specific health conditions is such a positive step as it means you can be confident that you’re getting the right level of nutrition.


Heather Morley

Catherine and the team at RYH obviously know their onions (quite literally!). The detailed information you need is presented in an attractive and easy-to-follow way; and what might seem on paper to be a food restriction exercise, seems more like a world of culinary possibility opening up before your eyes.