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General Health

How to improve your overall health

Reset Your Health provides you with healthy recipes designed to help support your health and wellbeing.
The evidence suggests that gut health affects both your mental and physical health, which is why these recipes have been designed with your gut in mind.
RYH will provide you with 12 varieties of fruit and veg a day equally over 10 portions, along with all the protein, fats and other nutrients required for a healthy diet.
It’s easy to follow, with a personalised shopping list for the time-span you choose, and the ability to pause or restart whilst maintaining good health.

RYH offers you:

  • 4 weeks of easyaffordable and varied meals, tailored to a range of dietary requirements, with vegetarian and vegan options, as well the option to avoid a range of allergens 
  •  lifestyle change  much more sustainable than fad diets – as well as detailed explanations so you understand the changes you’re making, increasing the likelihood of long-term success 
  • Long-term support: a welcoming and supportive RYH community to help you continue your journey, as well as plenty of advice for keeping your gut healthy after the 4 weeks
  • The ability to sleep better, feel more energised, boost your immune system and overall wellbeing

Download your free recipes to improve your general health