Weight Concerns

Help keeping your weight in check

At RYH we understand how hard it can be to keep weight in check. With this in mind RYH is a helpful step towards changing eating habits for the better.

The RYH plan includes a variety of healthy, nutritious meals designed to meet all of your daily nutrient requirements.

Please check out the testimonials from users who have found the plan an easy way to lose weight and keep the weight off as they have changed their eating habits.

RYH offers you:

  • 4 weeks of easyaffordable and varied meals, tailored to a range of dietary requirements, with vegetarian and vegan options, as well the option to avoid a range of allergens

  • lifestyle change  much more sustainable than fad diets – as well as detailed explanations so you understand the changes you’re making, increasing the likelihood of long-term success

  • Long-term support: a welcoming and supportive RYH community to help you continue your journey, as well as plenty of advice for keeping your gut healthy after the 4 weeks

  • The ability to sleep better, feel more energised, boost your immune system and overall wellbeing
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