In the Press

4 November 2019

Woman’s Own

Catherine joins a panel of experts to discuss which foods might be able to help with mental health issues. VIEW THE PDF

12 September 2019

Positive Health Online

Catherine looks at how gut health, the immune system and mental health are inextricably linked. READ THE ARTICLE

9 July 2019

Woman’s Weekly

Catherine discusses how resetting her gut helped her migraines. VIEW THE PDF

21 April 2019

Healthy Diet

How a healthy gut can help slow down the ageing process. VIEW THE PDF

21 April 2019

Planet mindful

How gut health affects the ageing process. VIEW THE PDF

13 April 2020

Spirit Fest TV

Catherine talks to The Mindful Living Show about optimising your wellbeing through eating the correct foods for your individual needs.

13 April 2020

BBC Radio London

Catherine talks to Jo Good about the essential things you should eat to keep yourself healthy.  LISTEN TO INTERVIEW


29 September 2019

BBC Radio London

Catherine talks to Trisha Goddard about Gut Well Soon and Reset Your Gut. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW

27 June 2019

Nutrition Network

Catherine talks about the importance of gut health. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW

7 May 2019

BBC Radio Newcastle

Catherine talks to Lisa Shaw about Gut Well Soon and Reset Your Gut. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW

5 May 2019

BBC Radio London

Catherine talks to Angie Greeves about Gut Well Soon and Reset Your Gut. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW

30 June 2019

Sunday Mirror

How Catherine has learned to cope with migraines. VIEW PDF

24 May 2019

Henley Standard

How blogs for her daughter inspired Catherine to write Gut Well Soon. VIEW PDF

6 May 2019

Daily Express

How balancing your gut bacteria could make you healthier and happier. VIEW ARTICLE

2 April 2019

The Telegraph

How gut health helped Catherine overcome debilitating migraine. VIEW ARTICLE

21 April 2019

Mail on Sunday

Gut Well Soon makes the Mail on Sunday’s What to read list. VIEW PDF 

Catherine is available for talks on gut health and will provide valuable insights into why gut bacteria is so crucial to both physical and mental health. She is happy to speak at schools, to businesses and at health events. Please complete the contact form if you’re interested in organising a talk.

Events Catherine has attended to date include:

6 June 2020

Talk at Physiolistic

Explaining the power of RYH to health professionals interested in whole body healing.

22 December 2019

Power Through Transition

Listen to Catherine’s interview as part of the Power Through Transition Conference, on how to shift from ‘What if’ to ‘What’s next’ to create the life you really want.  WATCH THE INTERVIEW

18 May 2019 

British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference

11 May 2019

Public Health Collaboration Annual Conference

30 April 2019

Yattendon Ladies Day

26 April 2019

Revive Wellness Retreat, Turkey