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Struggling with
sugar cravings?

We all know how bad sugar is for us and the damage that it can do to our bodies, and yet we continue to crave it. So many times we are told, ‘when you crave a doughnut or some chocolate, just reach for a piece of fruit!’ but the reality of enforcing this decision in the moment is much harder than these statements make it seem. This is because sugar acts like a drug by activating reward systems in the brain, giving you a temporary high, making it almost impossible to resist. However, this sugar high is only temporary, so that when you crash you will be reaching for yet more sugar.


So, how can you break this vicious cycle of sugar cravings and learn to make healthier choices?

The answer: Reset Your Health which has been carefully designed to offer 4 weeks’ worth of recipes which keep blood sugar levels stable, helping you to resist sugar and stop endlessly struggling with sugar cravings. 

So, what exactly is RYH?

RYH provides you with 4-weeks worth of recipes, detailing your breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day, tailored to your dietary requirements and fully approved by nutritionists.

The recipes are diverse and easy to follow and will help you take those first steps to overcoming your sugar cravings by eliminating all refined sugars without eliminating flavour. This will maintain stable blood sugar levels which will help you combat your cravings.

This is just one of the many benefits you can expect to experience from RYH. By resetting your health you can also expect to:

  • improve your gut health
  • boost your immune system
  • reduce inflammation

How RYH can help you to combat your sugar cravings:

1. 4-weeks’ worth of recipes

Each meal is designed and reviewed by nutritionists to ensure that your body is provided with all the nutrients it needs and your blood sugar levels are kept stable, helping to prevent the onset of those intense sugar cravings.

2. A tailored shopping list

Being provided with a list of all the ingredients you need and precisely what you need to buy, will help you avoid those shopping aisles containing sugary and processed foods. This will reduce your temptation to buy them which in turn will reduce the access you have to these foods and therefore help to reduce your overall consumption of them.

3. Continued support

Not only will you learn to cook a range of balanced and nutritious meals, but even after the four weeks finish, you will be provided with support to ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and don’t re-engage with your sugar cravings.

So take the first step towards conquering your sugar cravings today and sign up to Reset Your Health!

Still not convinced? Read ‘Gut Well Soon ’ by Catherine Rogers to find out more about the benefits of resetting your gut.