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Healthy foods for gut health

Fabulous Fibre: Healthy Foods for Gut Health

Up your daily fibre intake to 30g a day – that’s the latest nutritional advice from the British government for anyone over the age of 17. But the question is why? Welcome to Fibre: 101, all your fibre-related questions answered in one bite-size chunk – no pun intended!

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You and your amazing digestive system

From the moment you put a piece of food into your mouth, your body starts processing the food. And the amazing thing is you don’t even have to finish eating a whole slice cake, just a single crumb will set the gears in motion.

Nutrigenomics could be the future of meal plans

Is Nutrigenomics the Future of Meal Plans?

Personalised medicine promises to bring lots of great changes to how we think about and ensure our health. Nutrigenomics specifically hopes to give personalised nutrition and diet advice based on your DNA!