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Euro 2020

Hosting a football watch party for the Euro 2020? Don’t know what footie grub to cook up that’s actually friendly to your gut? We have you sorted with our healthy alternatives for your guests to devour at the match feast.

1. Spicy falafel burgers – A prebiotic punch for your gut

Give the grease a miss without sacrificing flavour and serve your guests a burger good for their gut. The falafel contain prebiotics like chickpeas, garlic and onion that allow bacteria aiding digestion to flourish (1).

The saturated fats in a classic beef burger have been replaced with the monounsaturated fats in avocado, good for keeping cholesterol levels at bay. Serve them on top of a portobello mushroom – another delicious source of prebiotics – and garnish with red onions. 

2. Chicken kebabs with Kefir Tzatziki – A gut-friendly crowd pleaser filled with natural probiotics 

An alternative to the falafel if you’re catering for meat lovers, these chicken kebabs are a guaranteed crowd pleaser and are ridiculously quick to make. Chuck them on a barbeque for 3-5 minutes and grill peppers and courgette along with it.

Our tzatziki features kefir – one of the best, natural probiotics, increasing the number of healthy bacteria in the gut. Whip it together within seconds by adding cucumber and olive oil to your kefir – you won’t have to miss any of the Euro 2020! 

3. Sweet potato poutine – fuss-free side so you don’t miss the football 

A side that your guests will definitely not be able to resist – these are a twist on the Canadian classic, served with mushrooms instead of meat, on a bed of kale.

  • Simply scatter sweet potatoes and mushrooms on two separate trays and chuck them in the oven at 180°C for fifteen minutes.
  • Drizzle over olive oil and dust with paprika, pepper and salt and roast for a further fifteen.
  • After they have crisped up, take them from the oven, top with your juicy mushrooms and some wilted, pan-fried kale.

Your gut will be thanking you for this treat in all of its goodness – both kale and mushrooms being great sources of prebiotics.

4.Tempeh Salad – probiotic deliciousness for your guests

This salad is probiotic heaven with its miso tempeh – both miso and tempeh being produced from fermented soybeans. This dish will give your mood a boost not just through its delicious umami flavour but its dose of good gut bacteria. (2)

  • Mix miso and olive oil together and massage into your tempeh.
  • Then toss together with some chicory, cherry tomatoes and peppers.
  • Finish it off with some olive oil and fresh basil.

You can access delicious recipes at Reset Your Health, like the ones above that actually will allow you to treat your body right. We provide tailored four-week meal plans to help you decrease your risk of illnesses like Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes, improve your general wellbeing and mental health. All recipes focus on giving your body the nutrients and healthy bacteria it needs, to keep your gut in check. 


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