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Pre RYH – More than just words

It’s time to take action. I’m fast approaching a particular milestone in my life and am finally realising that I need to listen to my body and treat it properly. Raising three young and lively children whilst working from home has resulted in a lot of carb grabbing, because it’s quick and easy, and caffeine swigging, because I need to keep going, and a large sprinkling of sugar when energy levels are dipping.  

It isn’t all bad. I do eat a lot of fish and vegetables, but I can tell that my current diet isn’t doing great things for my physical health which is having a knock on effect with my wellbeing. I go to bed exhausted and wake up even more
tired. I have sores around my nose which I’ve been ignoring for years but clearly are a tell-tale sign that I’m nutritionally lacking in something. I have stomach pains if I eat bread but choose to stubbornly forgot this when the lure of a soft white bloomer gets too much. Oh and I have zero will power.  

So when I heard about Catherine’s Gut Well Soon book and and 4-week’s worth of recipes, I thought I’d throw myself in the deep end and volunteer my services as a guinea pig in the hope that I’ll finally take responsibility for my own
health and start to listen to my body so I can cruise into my 40th year with wind in my sails and a healthier outlook. 

Over the next four weeks, I will share a completely honest account of my experiences of following this program and the effects I notice on my health, both physically and mentally.  

But before I start, Catherine has advised me to prep a bit so here are my preparing tips for anyone who’s a bit time poor:

1) Prepare a booklet

Print off the Reset Your Health recipes for the first week, along with the handy Do’s and Don’ts, top tips and essential rulebook sheets. Hole punch and put into a wallet or folder. It’s easy to grab for the supermarket or to refer to then.   

2) Prepare some snacks

I chose the bread, apple compote, granola and a couple of the dips to make before I started so I knew I had some options if I was peckish.

3) Prepare your food

Make a shopping list of all the ingredients needed for the first week (first 3 days for some of the fresh items). I managed to get the majority of the ingredients at the supermarket and then used the health food shop for a couple of items like psyllium husk.

 I’m not going to lie, at this stage I’m slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of having to shop for, prepare and cook all these different meals from scratch, along with working and looking after the children, but I feel a lot more prepared now. Wish me luck.