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Week Three – Getting back up


This week, I wanted to share my battle with will power and motivation. I’m a typical Gemini, permanently being pulled in two different directions; I know exactly what I should be doing but there’s also this little voice saying “just do what you want, life’s too short”. My sister was always great during Lent, not even sniffing a piece of chocolate. I, on the other hand, would only last a few days and then give in, overpowered by the desire for a bag of chocolate buttons but secretly annoyed at myself for not digging deep and resisting. I’m pretty chuffed with myself for getting to week 3 to be honest but sometimes things happen in your personal life which push you off course. For me, it was a particularly tricky day with my three small children. A family-size bag of crisps and two glasses of wine later (it was after 6pm I promise!), I decided that instead of beating myself up over it, I was going to give myself a break and carry on eating well the next day. Which I did, mainly because I physically felt bloated and horrible after what I’d consumed. That was all the motivation I needed.For me, it’s not great to restrict and forbid things. Instead, seeking alternatives is far more beneficial to helping me stick to a new eating regime. The beauty of the Reset Your Health plan is that it can be flexible. Yes, it gives you suggested ‘Dos and ‘Don’ts’ but it also has substitutes (diary free milk and yoghurt, caffeine free tea and coffee, homemade bread etc.) and a 80/20 rule with the simple reminder “if it makes you feel rubbish, don’t eat it!”. This has enabled me to eat out with friends with relative ease.I’ll finish off with my two favourite dishes from this week:

Watercress soup

Another super quick and easy one to make in the Nutra Bullet, as well as being tasty and filling.

Cauliflower Curry

A beautifully creamy dish with spices and added flavour.