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Week Two – Shortcuts and early benefits

Ok, so the novelty is starting to wear off a bit now and I’m finding it difficult to juggle all the food prep with work, the kids and the endless piles of washing three small humans seem to produce.

However, I’ve found a few short cuts which are really helping. Basically, I’m sticking to the key rules (see RYH Rulebook below) but if I don’t have time to make the suggested meal in the planner, or have the right ingredients to hand, I simply substitute this with a tried and tested meal from the planner. Giving myself this flexibly is enabling me to carry on and I really want to because I’m starting to notice some benefits.

Key benefits so far from this gut health diet:

1) I’m not bloated at the end of the day. Something that three pregnancies and a soft spot for carbs (& wine) haven’t helped with.

2) I’m not feeling so sluggish. I’m not exactly bounding out of bed in the morning (yet!) but I’m finding my energy levels feel a bit more stable throughout the day.

3) My cooking skills are definitely improving and the children are enjoying getting involved on the odd occasion too. I’ve really enjoyed a colourful egg Nicosia salad from the Reset Your Health planner from this week and whipping up a scrambled egg when I needed a quick and easy meal has come in handy.

Giving myself a bit of a break with sticking to the exact meal plans, but still following the rules, has taken the pressure off a bit and I’m finding I’m enjoying it again. As I go into week 3 I hope to start noticing other benefits. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t missing chocolate, bread and wine though but so far the benefits I’m starting to see are spurring me along.